Saturday, July 2, 2011

You Know...Except For Putting Up With Me, I Don't Know What The Girlfriend Has Done To Be So Lucky. She's Been In FLA For A Week And Went To Cuba Last Year...Without Me!!! Status: Brought Back Cool Art.


She's coming back from Florida tomorrow after spending a week hitting Seaworld, some big mouse themed play park, the beach and some place called Space Mountain. Whateve'. I just hope she brings me plenty of silly souvenirs! When she came back from Cuba she brought back some amazing small sculptures.


These are the pieces that came back with her. Aren't they amazing!?! They are so Vintage

Modern yet new. She knows me well and has a great eye. I wish that she would have been able

to bring back more. These are really great.



Unfortunately the swirly one got broken on the way home. From a distance you can't see the

repair. It was just to beautiful to toss. I just glued it back together. It had to be saved!


In the first pic above you can just pick out the crack. In the second you can see what was

written on the bottom of the other piece. I'm not sure but I think that might be the name of the

artist and the price. Like I said, the Girlfriend is still out of town so I can't ask her.


This isn't an import from Cuba but I bought it for the Girlfriend and it was imported from Israel!

This is the real thing...Vintage Modern art. Dang, if I had some candles it could be Hanukkah in

July! Cuz uh, this is a menorah...get it? Coolest menorah I've ever seen, you?


It looks to me like the silver plating has flaked off here and there. Maybe it's due for an update.

Glossy white? Shiny red perhaps? Maybe just a coat of silver.


  1. All these are great! I especially love the stacked pointy wooden one.

  2. love the thingsshe brought back..and yum! for ur menorah!! never seen a modern one ..lovely