Thursday, October 2, 2014

I Find The Happy Coincidences Necessary To Put This Fantastically Mod Swag Light In It's Next Home Just Crazy! Of Course The Final Move Will Be The Easiest, At Least From My Perspective! Status: Available.


This super mod swag lamp came from the same home as the last four chairs I've featured here. I tol' ya! I cleaned the joint out! Today I got to thinking about the long journey it took for me to get there. Want the condensed version? Yeah, I don't have THAT much time either!

A number of years ago I spotted a cool set of dining room and bedroom furniture on craigslist.  I

wanted it bad and asked the Girlfriend to go check it out and lock it down for me if it turned out to be

in good shape.  It did AND it turned out to be the Perspecta line from Kent Coffee.  I ended up

buying a large lot of the set but the pieces were so big (the china cabinet was all one piece) that the

seller had to deliver them on the back of a flat bed trailer!   


It took me a little while to move these pieces on but the china cabinet made it's way all the way up the

street from us, to a couple with which we still keep in touch with!  This worked out great because

they had a truck and we didn't have to haul it far.  Then, some four years later this couple put me onto

the sellers who let me take this little jewel home.


Oh sure, there was a lot of research and learning of designs, designers, labels and manufacturers

along the way as well as divining techniques for identifying unknown variations there-of and I went

from shilling on craigslist to having a pair of antique mall booths, but this is the short version

remember?  Oh, wait...that was pretty much the end.  I guess the short version is a little shorted than I

thought.  Still, it was probably a little more interesting than anything I could come up with to describe

the swag light.  I mean,'s hot...but other than's uh...a light and swags from the

ceiling, right?

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