Saturday, October 18, 2014

You May Recall That I Featured The Square Sibling To This Long Narrow Walnut Coffee Table A Few Days Ago. I Didn't Have Time To Clean This One Up, But As you Can See...It's Not Too Shabby As It Sits! Status: Gone.


This and the matching square table are both headed to The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur Saturday.  I've still got to go over this one with the Howard's magic wand, but it looks pretty darn good to begin with.  There's mostly just some bumps and scrapes on the lower legs.  Vacuum cleaners.


A bunch of stuff just found new digs out of my booth at Creve Coeur; the Saga desk (a long time

coming, that), the Conant Ball Danish sofa (also a long timer), a Danish style leather rocking chair

and some lamps 'n stuff.  This makes some room for new items to make their way to the floor.  A load

will be delivered this weekend.  Maybe enough to clear a little space in the living room!


I wish I had some small idea what people were actually looking for.  I don't even try to guess or rely

on past experience.  It never makes for a clear picture.  I just leave it all to chance.  What I've got

ready to go...what will fit.  Seems to work OK.  I will occasionally receive an email asking what's

"Hot" right now.  Truth is...I haven't a clue!  I'd never presume to advise another vendor on which

type of items (bedroom, dining, chairs, tables, etc.) to load their booth with. 


  1. It appears that my last comment didn't post.
    I'm interested in the piece and would like to know if it is shippable?
    Are the legs removable?
    I'm in Alabama and you can contact me at

    1. Hi Anonymous

      Oooooh...sorry, that coffee table is gone. It didn't last long in the booth. Alas, I don't ship either. Sorry!

  2. Thanks much, appreciate your response. Great piece and I can understand that it went quickly.
    You have a nice selection of furniture and the next time I'm in your area, I will definitely need to stop in to see you.