Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sometimes The Thrifts Provide The Necessities You Don't Even Know You Need. Well, Maybe Not NECESSITIES, But Certainly Useful And At A Fraction Of What These Cost New! Status: Utility Wares.


I picked up the fold flat dolly early this last spring, so it's been around a while.  The  modular aluminum camera case is a recent find...that I'm not really sure why I need it, but it was like $12.  Couldn't leave it behind!


At the moment my (crappy, don't ever buy one) Galaxy cell phone is my camera.  I'm very happy

with its photography capabilities, but otherwise...I can't wait for next summer when we get another

upgrade.  No more Samsung products for me...EVER.  Anyway, I've been looking at buying DSLR

lately.  With this case I can tailor it's capacity to what I need to bring with me when shooting outside

the house.  Could this be any more versatile...and did I mention?  Cheap?!


I think what will happen is I'll set up the lowest level with clean-up stuff to take to the antique mall

booths, the middle level with camera equipment stuff and the smallest top level with tags, tape, tools,

etc. that I take with me Every time I take a trip to the booths.  One of these days I'll take ya all on a

tour of my little Antique Mall Booth Kit.  If you vend, you should really have one.  And it should be

in your car or truck ALL the time.


And if you hit the flea markets you should have one of these in the car or truck!  This too was stupid

cheap and has already been used to much good effect while we were on the 127 Corridor Yard Sale. 

You can move a fairly heavy object with this even though it's no replacement for a full welded steel

dolly and you can also bungee a plastic storage container to it to haul the tons of small items you

accumulate at the flea market.  It keeps you from having to run back to the car every ten minutes. 

What, you don't get so loaded up at the flea that you have to make multiple trips back to the car every

time?  Me either...but it's good to be prepared!

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