Thursday, October 2, 2014

What's On The Table For Today? Another Table. This Is Just Another Part Of The Lot That I Picked Up Over The (Long Arduous) Weekend. Between Storms Today I Was Able To Clean It Up And Get Some Shots. Status: Available.


I might not have normally picked up a table like this at an estate sale or thrift unless it was dirt cheap but I just couldn't bear the thought that it might have ended up in a dumpster. This literally was (with a few exceptions) an everything goes sale!


If I didn't already have a TON of cocktail, living room, accent and end tables I wouldn't have

thought twice about grabbing up this great looking table, but it's hard to justify bringing

home another stray when you still have so manyvto find homes for. Even though it's not

high end or anything, the previous owner took real good care of it. There's nary a bump or

scrape on any of the wood surfaces. The top is a Formica type surface so it can take some

abuse. If you've got kids...or a man child what sets a cold frosty one just any old place, you

can probably appreciate a non-porous surface such as found here.


Yeah, it was totally raining like pouring unspeakable waste fluids out of a boot this morning

when I awoke. To be fair, it was doing so when I went to bed as well, so I might have

expected as much. Still it thought, "Whoa is me, I'll not be able to shoot outside today", but it

cleared up and dried out just long enough for me to get the job done! Actually, I was really

lamenting the rain because I was hoping to have the opportunity to pick up a beautiful

Chesterfield sofa today and I knew I wouldn't be able to move it in the rain. Didn't matter,

there were other obstacles to achieving that end...mostly scheduling. I'm on a LATE late

shift for about a week.


Like I NEED another sofa, right? But c'mon...a Chesterfield! And they's just so dreamy. One

day...I'll have my big long low button tufted leather dream sofa. Of course, with all the

superfluous furnishings occupying the crib at the moment I probably wouldn't even be able

to enjoy a Chesty if I had one!

Oh, what's this? BONUS! A regular ol' post AND a Video Blog post in one! Just LOOK how

good I treat my peeps! Now you can read and enjoy the text and pics at work....then, if you

like, watch the Video at home later, like dessert!

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