Monday, October 13, 2014

Sorry I've Been Absent As Of Late. My Phone / Camera Has Been Given Me Da Blues. I Shoulda Shot This Quartite Table Lamp During The Day But The Best Laid Plans...And All That. Status: All Original And Available.


It's a lovely lamp.  And it works as designed.  Flip the switch...lumens emerge, unlike that little retro light I featured a couple days ago.  It still needs to be fixed before I can let it go.  This big beauty?  It's ready to go!


Once again, I've doubled down here and dropped both a standard photo / text post as well as a V-log post.  I realize that the V-logging isn't for everybody so I'm going to take care of everybody!  Sadly, I made the maddening mistake of waiting too long and had to shoot this post after the sun abandoned me.  I much prefer to shoot with at least some natural light but that ship had so sailed by the time I got around to doing any of this today.  The above was shot with the lamp on.  The below was shot with the lamp off...just so ya know.


I still kinda have to squint to see the colors, right?  Crap.  So it's subtle ::shrug::, sometimes great design bees that way!  You can use that by the way, for just about anything.  "What?  You don't get this (whatever)? It's called subtlety...look it up."  It really helps when meeting people for the first time in making fast friends.  No it doesn't...don't try that.  Just tell them they're pretty or ruggedly handsome or that they're breath smells great.  Or...that you really liked they're lamp video.


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