Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Ever Watch Mystery Science Theater 3000? This Really Cool Retro Swag Light Somehow Reminds Me Of The Opening Of That Show. Status: Available.


This is yet more lighting (albeit Mood lighting) from the clean out I did a few weeks ago. I brought home a total of four lights and still have two more to show ya. Doesn't that look like you're under water or sumpthin'?


This huge chunky blue green swag light is so beautiful that I really wish it fit our place better. Alas, I

think it really deserves to lightly illuminate a dimly lit basement Tiki bar or opium den style lounge

area. If you live in the St. Louis area and have ever been to the Venice Cafe you know what I'm

sayin'. That joint is so cool. Mr. M used to play open mic nights there many a year ago.


Looks so much better lit up doesn't it.  I was going to drop this (and the other swag lamp that I

featured a few days ago) off at The Shag this afternoon, but I underestimated daytime traffic...again. 

I hate other drivers.  So maybe tomorrow.  Oh wait, I woulda done it again!  Today was Tuesday, the

only day The Shag is closed.  I would have just shown up to an empty parking lot again!


Most of these chunky globes are open on the bottom, ostensibly to make changing the bulb easy. 

This one is fully enclosed.  I can't say that I've ever seen another like this.  I personally like the closed

bottom even though it means less usable light and a trickier bulb replacement, but just like high

heels...someone must suffer for beauty.  Kinda' glad it won't be me.

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  1. I like it; and you’re right about the bulb change. Fortunately, since that lamp was made we’ve advanced to LED technology for lighting so if one was to install a LED bulb you probably wouldn’t have to disassemble it for many, many years.-midmichigan