Sunday, October 5, 2014

Not Everything Mr. M Finds Is A Polished Gem. Sometimes These Items Are A Diamond In The Rough. This Pearsall Style Slat Coffee Table Is A Perfect Example. Excellent Bones, Needing A Little Love. Status: Project.


From this angle the coffee table looks pretty darn good.  Amazing what you can achieve with photography.  Alas, this fella wants for some refinish work.  Just gotta decide which path to take.


I could probably make do with a quick Howards Restore-A-Finish job on this and flip it without a

second thought, but c'mon...don't ya think it deserves better?  I do.  The next step up from that would

be to give it a proper sanding and shoot the top (not the legs...they're fine as is) with a coat of rattle

can satin black.  It'd look pretty darn good like that and that is probably in the lead as far as options


The last option is to actually refinish the top.  This would require MUCH more comprehensive

sanding, and then some real skill at staining...a job not well suited to Mr. Modtomic's instant

gratification personality.  A job better left to Dan, my buddy who refreshes any Broyhill Brasilia I

may find that wants for the loving hands of a pro (jeez, that makes Dan sound like a "Masseuse!").


I dunno, I DO have a couple other pieces cluttering up the living room that I need to drop off at Dan's

anyway, maybe I should drop this off with them.  It's gonna get chilly soon and I know he ain't gonna

want any projects to do in the cold so I guess I better get my butt in gear here.  I've finally got the

extra jingle in my pocket to take care of these things too.  Two birds, one stone and all that!


  1. It is a cool piece, MMT. IMO, it’s worthy of some of Dan’s magic. If you have the resources (maybe spare parts), putting brass ferrules on the tips of the legs would really spice it up too. Just a thought.-midmichigan

  2. Please don't paint! It looks so beautiful in all it's woodsy colored glory. :-)