Thursday, October 9, 2014

I Stopped By The Green Shag Market Today To Pays The Rent And Drop Off Those Swag Lights (On A Day They're Actually Open!) And Since I Was There... Status: Other Vendors Stuff!


I had plans this afternoon so I didn't have time to drag out the coffee table I wanted to shoot.  I really really wanted to get those swag lamps down to The Shag today and I had to drive way out to West County to do a pick up.  That and traffic.


I wanted to feature this vendor today because they really have an interesting style.  The booth

reminds me of those eclectic gift shops you find in the interesting parts of cities, like The Loop here

in St. Louis.  I don't know all what's in here but I love the toy robots!


Up top, I don't know what happened to auto focus...but I'm kinda digging that silver aluminum

chandelier and Hannah's got a great looking chair and side table matched set in her booth.  That little

globe bank is cool because it's really old.  French West Africa?  Pre 1960.  How about a heat lamp

with an Edison bulb conversion to desk lamp?  Cool huh?


There's plenty of other cool stuff to be perused.  That danish sofa just need some new cushions and

you know Jeff can make you some of those.  This last photo is of the booth next to mine.  They've

got some great stuff too.  See the clear bar cart and end table?  Not too shabby.  It's good to have

stylish neighbors!

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