Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yeah, Christmas Is Still Ages Away...But When You Find Retro Seasonal Stuff, You Don't Look The Gift Horse In The Mouth. Status: Fa La La La La, In The Booth Real Soon.


It's no secret, Mr. Modtomic LOVES the Christmas Season.  I love the decorations, the commercials, the snow, and most of all...the music!  I don't normally make much of an effort to offer Christmas decor in my booths because it's so dang hard to find any that aren't just...antique-y.


I'm sure these can still be had brand new...but what about Character?!  I LIKE old stuff...especially

old Christmas stuff.  We only put up vintage aluminum Christmas trees.  Alas, vintage ornaments are

too hard to find, at least any I actually like.  And anyway, we decorate our tree in Nightmare Before

Christmas regalia!


I couldn't hardly believe that even the bulbs in these worked when I got them home!  Sure, Mary

looks like she's maybe got a black eye...but c'mon, you think Joseph bought that immaculate

conception story?  Only thing that was missing was a manger.  I'll be sure to have these available in

plenty of time so's that the new owners can come up with something for that.


Also found: this beautiful ceramic light up Christmas tree.  I've seen a number of these before at the

thrifts but they've all lacked the colored tips.  What fun is that?  This one even has a built in music

box that plays Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.  It's gonna be tough giving this up but it doesn't

really fit here in our house.  But I do love that Christmas music!


  1. Excellent stuff!!! I like the Christmas music too, MMT! After reading this post I’m going to spin my Andy Williams and McGuire Sisters Christmas albums! Only 65 Modtomic days left.-midmichigan

    1. Hi midmichigan.

      I'm a big fan of the rock-a-billy style christmas songs of the young Brenda Lee (Rocking Around The Christmas Tree) and Elvis, among others...but I wouldn't be offended by some Bing Crosby either!

    2. A true classic and one of my favs for your listening pleasure, MMT:



  2. You can buy the plastic lights on ebay and amazon to repair the tree if needed - I got given one and am doing a refit - they're very pretty.