Monday, September 22, 2014

Ah, Finally. I'm Able To Shoot And Edit Decent Video...And I Didn't Spend A Dime. I - Am - So - Cheap! Just Downloaded Microsoft Movie Maker. It Edits The MP4 Files My Phone Uses To Store HD Video. So Let's Look At Booth 307 Again...This Time In REAL Video. Status: Better.


C'mon, yeah it's kind of a re-run, but it's a much improved re-run!  Of course, I've still got lots to learn and more improvements will come, but at least you'll be able to see some detail now.  So come on in and check out Booth 307...again!

Note that if you're player didn't automatically choose it already, you can play this video at 720p Hi Def!  It'll look so much better than my previous attempts.  And please forgive the imperfect camera action.  I was in kind of a hurry to get this shot and get on the road to work.


  1. That was a good video, MMT! MUCH BETTER!! Nice stuff too. I still like the Brasilia rug and I see you’ve got a nice HW dog bone table and chair set as well. Can you hang and power light fixtures from the suspended ceiling? That Moe honeycomb fixture would be a knock out, looker if you could. -midmichigan

  2. hi, do you still have the white bullet planter for sale?