Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sorry I've Been Absent The Last Couple Days. Been Busy 'Round Here, But I've Got A Great Pair Of Armchairs To Share With You Today. Just The First Part Of A Nice Midweek Haul. Status: Already Gone.


A (REALLY) good friend of ours hooked me up with a friend of their's who was paring down their household in preparation for moving to a smaller apartment. Our friend thought I might be interested in some of the items available. Boy were they right!


But c'mon, how hard was it to guess that Mr. Modtomic might like this tasty pair of armchairs?! You

might as well be betting that Mr. M likes having ten toes and ten fingers. It's true, he does. These are

so right up my alley that they might be a trash truck...does that make any sense? The Girlfriend and I

had a chance to check these out over the weekend along with a couple other wonderful bits and

pieces but I wasn't able to pick them up until today. Logistics. At least it was a perfect day for moving

large ungainly objects. And not too shabby a day to shoot photos either.


The previous owners took very good care of this fantastic and eye scaldingly colorful set of Thayer

Coggin armchairs.  Of course, they need a good cleaning.  They are dusty and the bottoms had some

cobwebs but the cushions aren't turning to orange charcoal like you find with so many chairs of this

vintage.  A good beating of the cushions and a quick vacuuming of the chairs and they'll be fine.  Not

bad for 47 year old chairs, right?


So, can you ID these?  I'm gonna let you fine folks take care of that.  I'll bet it won't take too long. 

There's plenty of clues in those tags.  Even without any pedigree these chair reek of all the coolness

that the late sixties had to offer.  Those delicate walnut taper legs just scream "Jetsons", do they not? 

That walnut "platform" is another clue as to the designer of these lovelies.


What do you think, are ya smitten yet?  These will be dropped off at The Green Shag Market before

Saturday.  Funny thing, the green chair came out of a bedroom that was slathered in Green Shag

carpet!  The seller also had a great sofa available but I've only got so much room and had to leave it

behind.  But then, who know...maybe I'll get lucky and make some more room somewhere this

weekend and be able to go back for that sofa.  I even contacted a couple of my compatriots here in St.

Louis to try and get it snatched for the seller, to no avail.  Oh well, it might just work out for Mr. M.

in the end.


  1. They're both by Milo Baughman. Mr. M, you've got mail.