Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I Picked Up Some Seriously Seventies Smalls Over The Weekend: A Misrepresented "Wire Sculpture" And An Awesome Magazine Rack. Alas, That Was About It For The Weekend! Status: Awaiting Further Instructions.


I can't really decide if I want to keep this lot or offer it up in the booth(s).  The "Magazine" rack fits right in with our living room / cocktail area (if we could use it - it's a mess right now) and the Wire Sculpture has me intrigued.


So yeah, you look at that packaging and you'd be right to assume that the sculpture would be...what? 

A ship?  No no no...it's a Derringer, of course!  I know...what the what?  Anyway, it got me thinking. 

Hmmmm maybe I could make my own pattern or find a cool one on line.  I might just do that!  I've

already looked around at some different patters on Google Images and there are some really cool ones

out there.


And while I love all the magazine racks we have around the house, this one is pretty special and may

end up replacing one.  I love the obvious-ness of having "Magazines" screen printed across the side

like that.  It's like a pop art piece.  The chrome frame is kinda cheap and twee but that makes little

difference since it's just gotta hold some magazines, and it does that with aplomb!  Maybe I should

drop some DVDs in there to follow along with the Wire Sculpture!

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  1. Sheesh, MMT, you’ve got a real weapon theme going there. You might have to be licensed to even sell gun art in today’s world, IDK. And the chrome legged holder with “Magazines” kind of speaks for itself. -midmichigan