Monday, September 8, 2014

Oh How I Wish There Were More Vintage Modern Vendors Here At The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur. There Are A Couple Others, But This Is A BIG Place. I Don't Want A Monopoly! Status: Other Vendors Stuff.


If I didn't already have one of these (OK, I think mine is a 9 bottle rack but still, I think I've caught my limit!) I would have snatched this Arthur Umanoff steel and leather wine rack right up. But I didn't and as a result...You Can!


And that Umanoff wine rack wasn't the only piece giving Mr. M fits. That pink and white

Amercan of Martinsville dresser has been tugging at me for weeks. I'm not so much a fan

of the pink but since it is painted I'd have no objection to respraying it gloss black as is the

typical finish you will find this line in. The art deco vacuum cleaner is just something I find

beautiful. Of course it doesn't fit in with anything else 'round here but it's hard to deny it's



Oddly enough, the Wassily knock offs shown above are of the same design period (art deco

- mid 1920s) yet still manage to fit with the design aesthetic of just about any decade there

after. Have the Wassily chairs ever been unpopular? The bright yellow spot light floor lamp

harkens to the days of Andy Warhol and the Pop Art Movement which, if you take a stroll

through Target or IKEA, I'm sure you'll realize is just as strong today as it was in the '60s and

'70s. This makes sussing out whether your find is vintage or not rather tough upon casual

observation. Much like that Wassily chair, you gotta take a close look and know what to

look for.


The wooden bud vase above has a tag on it that labels it a Sascha Brastoff piece, but think

that the tag may have been switched or something. This looks to me to be a Witco piece.

I've never seen one before and can't find one on the web but it's got all the tell tale signs. 

Also, I can't find anything like this made by Mr. Brastoff. I'd hate to think that someone

would switch tags to cheat a vendor but this is why vendors need to put simple but ample

descriptions of the item on the tag. The description isn't for the buyer, it's for the staff.  That

chrome retro table lamp looks like it's missing some globes. Of course, if you're anything

like the Mr. here, you've got a couple stashed away just in case you find a lamp in need

such as this! What? It's not hoarding if you end up NEEDING it...right?


  1. The last time I saw one of these used was in the late 60’s in San Fran. Oh…it’s for wine……

    1. Hi midmichigan

      Ha, I bet you've got everybody's imagination running wild!

  2. Mr. M.....does that vendor have $39 on the yellow pop art lamp? ???

    I'm over here in ATL, weeping quietly and planning a shopping trip to STL :)

    1. Hi Jennifer

      I think it's got a $50 sale tag on it. The $39 sale tag is for an item behind it. But still, what's Eleven more bucks? Lemme know when you're coming and I'll set ya up with a map of all the good places to look for loot!