Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Just Some More Random Smalls From Around The Way And Even A Pair Of The Girlfriends Starburst Salt And Pepper Shakers. She Won't Be Giving Up Those Any Time Soon But The Starburst Bud Vase And The Surfer Girl Tiki Mug Will Soon Be Tagged Up For The Booth. Status: Smalls.


The lack of larger items for the time being is perhaps a blessing in disguise.  I really don't have room for anything but the most special finds right now, and my motto of striking while the iron is hot keeps me from passing on a lot of good the joint is packed at the moment.


So right now, finding smalls is a good way to burn off that need to hunt.  This Orchids Of Hawaii tiki

mug was found at the closest Goodwill to our home not long ago.  The funny thing is that I forgot all

about it.  It's been sitting in a bag near my desk for weeks!  I almost left it behind because of a little

chip on the rim, but it's not a bad chip and it's such an unusual tiki mug.  I know I don't already have

one like it and I don't know that I've ever seen one before.


This bud vase came from the same thrift adventure.  I love these starburst designs.  I've got another

pair in blue around here somewhere.  This single piece will get tagged up along with the tiki mug.

Sadly, the smalls haven't really been moving at either of the booths.  Thankfully, shifting just a couple

large items each month makes the rent and then some, otherwise I'd be closing up shop!


The Girlfriend picked these out while we were on the 127 Corridor road trip.  They were covered in

some kind of nasty gummy sticky stuff.  I got it all off with some Goof Off and they are pretty much

perfect.  Aren't those the cutest little starbursts you ever did see?!  I gotta wonder if there is a whole

dinnerware pattern out there like this.  I gotta get busy and put up some more display shelves for her

collection before she loses patience with me!


  1. Just last Monday I picked up a dinner plate with the same starburst pattern as the salt and pepper shakers. It has a chip, but was cheap. I'll probably hang it on the wall in my kitchen. I'm happy to see that there are other items in this pattern to search for. I am amazed how often I see or buy something at about the same time as you feature it on your blog.

    1. Hi Anonymous

      How cool is that?! Is the pattern small like it is on the shakers? Any markings on the bottom?

    2. It is a 10" plate with the exact arrangement of black, burgundy, and teal starbursts that is on your salt & pepper set on an edge plus a single teal starburst about a third of the way around and an arrangement of six starbursts another third of the way around. It has the same gold speckle background. Mark on the back: W.S.George Half Century of Fine Dinnerware. It is not "super fine". There are tiny "smears" in the starburst application, but it is a neat design.