Saturday, September 20, 2014

You Just Never Know When The List Is Gonna Pony Up The Good Stuff. This Is The Third Designer Score This Week, And I've Always Wanted A Warren Platner / Knoll Easy Chair And Ottoman. Status: Crossed Off The Bucket List / Already Gone.


Who doesn't love a classic mid century modern design like the Warren Platner Easy Chair and Ottoman?  Years ago I spotted a set of Lounge Chairs on the Kansas City craigslist but I was just a little too late to get those.  This acquisition soothes that fail quite a bit!


This set is in pretty nice condition.  The upholstery could use a good cleaning, but it'd look just fine

in a living room just like it sits...well, maybe with a little cleaning.  The wire bases are in excellent

condition with no issues at all AND both have the protective plastic rings on the bottoms...very

important if you're gonna place these on a hardwood floor!


The ad hit craigslist before Mr. Modtomic was even out of bed this, afternoon.  We briefly

considered getting up early for the flea market this morning but I was up way too late downloading

and messing around with Microsoft Movie Maker and well, aren't you supposed to get to sleep in on

the weekend (I know...I get to sleep in Every day, that's beside the point)?  I guess being lazy pays 

off?  At any rate, I shot off an e-mail with little hope of being the first to have seen this (it wasn't

described in the ad at all, just a photo) and waited...for hours.


We got out of the house and had brunch with Nick from MidCenturyMidWest in Clayton at a creperie

and then spent some time together at Treasure Aisle and The Big Bend Antique Gallery.  Lots of cool

and interesting stuff in them joints.  Seemed like a number of new vendors as well.  Anyway, then we

hit a Barnes & Noble for an e-reader for a gift, and then we hit a couple thrifts when the seller finally

called.  I had already given up on a reply fearing that it had already been snatched.


The seller had somehow gotten the idea that we knew each other so there was a confusing few

moments on the phone when she called but we got it all figured out. A half hour later the Girlfriend

and I were loading the set into the back of Jack (the Girlfriend's Volkswagen GTI).  So, we didn't

make it to the flea market, and I do love the flea market...but I doubt that I missed anything as good

as this!


  1. Very cool MMT!! It will clean up just fine and look great again. I found this one in pretty bad shape and it turned out beautiful again:

  2. lucky....I need to borrow your CL / thrifting rabbit's foot MMT!!!!!