Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Weekend Provided Such Beautiful Weather That We Got Our Butts Up Early And Hit The Flea Market. Didn't Find Much But I Did Bring Home This Great Set Of Decorative Cat Plaques. Status: Wanting Some Rattle Can Love.


Yep, I put together another video today.  I'm still working with the same hardware and software, but I'm getting better at putting it all together.  I did a little research today and looked at some new cameras online.  Maybe sometime soon I'll have a better quality product to present.

You know Mr. Modtomic loves his kitty, McDuff the Fluff...and we've got all sorts of modern cat sculptures too.  Today I'm featuring a nice set of three metal wall plaques of mod kitties that I found at the flea over the weekend.  Enjoy!


  1. They look like metal Dansk art. I keep looking for a pair of sculptured, teak Dansk cats but to no avail. Good video, MMT. -midmichigan