Friday, September 5, 2014

Rack 'Em Up! We Might Slowly Be Falling Victim To The Digital Age, But I'm Betting That You, Just Like Mr. Modtomic And The Girlfriend, Still Have Lots Of Lovely Magazines Laying 'Round Your Joint. Get Yourself A Vintage Magazine Rack And Display 'Em In Style My Friend! Status: Available.


I didn't realize how many of these vintage modern magazine racks I've managed to procure as of late.  Show here are just three of the maybe 8 or 10 total we have around the house.  Many are actually in use, so it's not that embarrassing.  I think though, it may be time to cull the herd.


I've actually got two of these around here not and neither are being used.  AND I had a third a while

back.  That one made it's way to The Green Shag Market and has since found a new home.  These are

more or less the ubiquitous Danish Modern magazine rack.  I love 'em.  You'll find them in dark

walnut like this mostly, but sometimes they're found in black.  I think I have one each at the moment.


I've got another round bar and wire rack like this that we use except that the "sling" in my personal

piece is separate and finished in brass.  Both remind me of Eames products like the Hang It All, I

guess because of the round wood ball feet.  I have a weakness for round bar steel construction and so

these type magazine racks are always my favorite.


This interesting rack isn't in the best condition but I just couldn't leave it behind at the Goodwill.  It's

made from teak and has a nice built in handle on one side.  It'll make a nice little bargain piece for

someone to snatch up down at the booth soon.  Alas, the new owners will have to supply their own

magazines.  I'm keeping mine!  Those will be worth something some day.

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