Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting Back To Small Items Again. This Is A Rather Eclectic Mix And That's Just What You Need In An Otherwise Pretty Focused Antique Mall Booth. Status: Ready For Cleanup.


I picked up each one of these items about a month apart. The bamboo wine rack was the latest find and it came from the Goowill where as the stone bull and the plastic starburst candle holders both were flea finds. Everything but the bull needs to be cleaned a little but they'll all be tagged up soon.


What Thanksgiving (or Romantic for that matter!) table setting would be complete without a

lovely set of candlesticks? And of course, we can't have just any old candle holders

adorning our tables. They've got to fit with the theme, right? Could any candle holder fit a

mid century dressed table better than these? Maybe, but these will look mighty fine too. 

And "Western" Germany...like with Cowboys and Indians?


Also in the vein of purely decorative objects, check out this fantastic stone bull. Now if

you've got a home office and you need to remind those around you in the household how

very powerful the person is who sits at this desk, you need a bull statue. Definitely. Unless

of course you already have a full size stuffed lion from your Safari last summer standing in

the corner. Then, well...you've probably already got the power thing covered. But hey, no

animals were harmed in the making of this bull, so far as I know.


Speaking of Safaris, if you happen to have the Safari / Ernest Hemingway look going on in

your joint wouldn't this bamboo wine rack be just smashing? Also, it'd fit right into a Tiki

look bar environment. Another wine rack just like this was one of the first things I sold on

craigslist many many years ago. We used it for a while in our Tiki / retro bar for a while.

Since I've got my Umanoff dream wine racks now I cant see any use for keeping this one so

it too will soon go bye bye.

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  1. I'm thinking Western Germany as in, "not behind the Iron Curtain." Which dates those candleholders to at least pre-1989