Sunday, July 27, 2014

So No, It's Not A Milo Baughman Chair As Thought Perhaps It Might Be By The Previous Owner. And It's Not A Mies Van Der Rohe Brno Chair Either. It's Kind Of A Mash Up! Status: Available.


We spotted this chair quite a while back at a local consignment / resale shop in St. Chuck.  I inquired about the price since it didn't have a tag at the time.  They told me it was available on eBay at the time.  I checked eBay and did indeed find it, but not at a price I was going to be interested in paying!


Obviously the crazy mash up chair didn't sell on eBay.  When we stopped by again yesterday I found

it properly tagged and ready for sale.  It was still a little too pricey for my comfort, but then I found

that they were having a 30% off sale!  Done.  Into the back of Jack (the Girlfriend's "Rabbit") it went.


The orange velour is in great condition and it's super comfy.  It, like all Brno chairs, has a great

"bounce" to it.  The frame isn't stainless steel, but chrome plated steel.  There's some chrome loss on

the bottom of the base but mostly the chrome is super shiny and in great condition.  It's a great

looking Mod era side chair or even head of household dining chair.  You bring home the bacon?  You

get the big chair!  This is headed shortly for the booth in Creve Coeur.

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