Friday, July 25, 2014

What Is It About These Rorschach Test Looking Cow Hide Rugs? I Find Myself Inexplicably Drawn To Them. I Imagine Many Of You Do Too, But Probably Just As Many Probably Can't Stand Them. Status: Somewhat Controversial.


This is the Fourth hide rug that I've brought home so far.  All Three of my full size ones have come from Craigslist and my little one (about the size of bath mat!) was found at the Wentzville Flea.  I know that not everybody digs these and I don't know why I feel like they go so well with mid century modern, but I'm totally smitten with them.


This hide is particularly pure in that it is almost entirely black and white.  There is a spot of brown on

it that I think might just be some "schmutz" (a word the Girlfriend used to describe something I had

on my face once) that hopefully will clean right off.  I didn't notice it when I bought it and didn't have

time to try to clean it off when I was taking the pics.  Even if it doesn't come of, this is a fine looking



What the heck is that brand mark?  Looks like a little alien or a maybe a water bug.  One of the more

interesting brands that I've seen, definitely.  This rug is one of (hopefully) the ice breakers in what has

been a very dry couple of months on Craigslist.  Ever since a little while before I went on vacation

there just hasn't been much to find there.  But this popped up the other night, and then today at work

something else quite special was things are looking up.  Not that I need to be buying up a

bunch more stuff, but when something really good comes along I just can't resist throwing my hat

into the ring!

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  1. A couple of the iconic mid-century chairs and their knockoffs are available in cowhide upholstery, and the ummm, Swedish superstore sells the rugs, so you aren't alone. I don't have ethical objections, but I don't much care for the texture or pattern.