Thursday, July 3, 2014

This Deer Seemed To Be Thinking "I Am Neither Vintage Nor Modern...Why Are You Bothering To Photograph Me?" Cuz You Just Too Damn Cute, Dats Why. Plus, Everybody Else Was...So Get Off My Back! Status: Talking To The Wildlife...It Must Be Late.


I know, this is not a travel and leisure blog...but bear with me!  These places are so special and so beautiful that I just have to share!  And actually, there is an interesting chest of drawers inside too.  Click through and take a look!


We spent most of our vacation driving in the car or sleeping in motels...but it was totally

worth it.  Getting to hike through places like Glacier National Park is such a pleasure.  And

having driven so much to get there makes getting out to stretch your legs even more of a

gift!  To get to that lake is a two and a half mile up hill (quite steep at times) hike and a two

and a half more grizzly territory. Yes, we were warned to keep making noise while

hiking so as not to accidentally sneak up on one.  No problem. If there is ANYTHING the

Girlfriend and I can do it's yammer on about nonsense incessantly.


The chest of drawers was at this HUGE Salvation Army next door to our hotel.  It was billed

as a "Mega" thrift store and it was exactly that.  I ended up buying a couple of small items

while there but there was no way to rescue this Brown Saltman piece.  Sadly, it would need

a serious rescuing too.  The finish was...well, finished.  Still, it was kinda crazy finding it

in the middle of nowhere like this.  There were a couple of retro sofas and danish style

lounge chairs there as well.  I guess there's good vintage taste just about anywhere you go!


And that was only ONE of the maybe four sizable thrift stores within a few miles of Glacier

National Park that we spotted, but sadly did not stop to scour through.  Nope, we were on

vacation and on a mission to see the wilds of this great nation!  Glacier did not disappoint.

Well, it did a little.  Apparently they got a couple of feet of snow a few weeks before our

arrival and The Road To The Sun wasn't cleared yet.  We drove as far as possible from the

west, did the great hike to the lake and turned back.  The next day we approached from the

east but that part was a mess and it wasn't nearly as pleasant.  Apparently they were

resurfacing the east side as well as it was almost all gravel.


Maybe in a few years we'll return as we often do.  About half of our vacations are recon

missions and the other half are returns to familiar places.  Next year, per the Girlfriend's

request and my own yearning too perhaps...a beach and warm blue green water will be

required. And a long stay in one motel room.  Maybe we'll do our discoverings via Sea

Kayak or Jet Ski.

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  1. Went to Glacier last September, and stayed (briefly;$$$$!!!)at spectacular Many Lakes Lodge. The Going to the Sun road was open and the Sun was certainly was just glorious.