Thursday, July 10, 2014

Today's Thrift Finds Are All About....More Is More! Even Though There's Only A Couple Pieces Here. These Are All Additions To Previous Collections I've Got Hanging Around. Status: More!


Being out of town, I missed a couple three Sundays at the Wentzville Flea.  Craigslist has been kinda weak lately and I ain't had so much time to hit the thrifts...but I did manage to liberate all this from a couple of those.


You may remember that I've got a single lamp just like the pair above already.  It's in my booth at The

Green Shag Market...I think.  They're great lamps, the base lights up too.  A pair of them on

nightstands would be great...leaving the bases on for ambiance...or so you don't stub your toe on the

way to the loo in the middle of the night.  Or you could light some candles!  I already had a pair of

these tall table candles, was I gonna leave another one at the thrift?  No!  I love these kind of

candles.  Great for parties.  It shows your serious about your fun.


Speaking of candles...  I also found one more of these iron candle holders.  I already had a pair, and

never even noticed that they were of different sizes!  Not until I put them both next to the "new" one. 

Now I can see that I've got a nice set of three in descending size.  How great and serendipitous is



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