Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Smalls Aren't Epic. ::Shrug:: You Find A Lot More Smalls Than Those Epic George Nelson Desks Or Paul McCobb Dining Sets. But It Really Is These Detail Items That Make A Retro Decorated Joint Legit. Status: 2/3 Available.


The salt and pepper set is actually the Girlfriends, but they were cool enough that I thought I should go ahead and feature them here too.  The other two items are both from the weekends thrifting adventures.


Things like this vintage tile trivet aren't just useful, they also make a statement.  Yeah, you could have

gone down to Target or Walmart and bought the latest Martha S. labeled trivet, but to keep your joint

legit you'll want to be keeping something like this handy for that hot pot of coffee (cooked up in a

vintage percolator no doubt!) or sauce pan of tomato soup.


The Girlfriend would kill me if I ever tried to sell any of her rather sizable Salt and Pepper collection

out from under her.  Check out how cool these are though.  They have a little bit of that biomorphic

"Schmoo" look to them, but that wierd lip up top is actually an ergonomic addition.  You can't really

understand it until you pick one of these up and make the motions as if you were using it.  Your

finger hooks right under that lip and if just feels so right!


I've got a nice collection of these soda bottles in our bar area, but I think it's time to thin the herd a

little.  Still, when I spotted this beautiful red aluminum one...I just couldn't leave it there on the shelf. 

Very few people actually use these, but you could.  All that is needed is a Co2 cartridge.  Fill this

sucker with water, load that C02 cartridge and the rest of the (drunken) night is nothing but A++

comedy...well, to those who aren't sober anyway.  Of course the mess you'll be cleaning up the next

day probably won't be worth it...unless it was a backyard bar-b que party.  In that case, knock yourself


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  1. Those mosaic tiles were available in a wide variety of color combinations in the '60s and '70s. My mother put some on the trays of a Victorian-era plant stand that was passed on by a dead great-aunt, and we had them available to use in various wood shop projects in junior high. In fact, that trivet looks like it could be a project.