Friday, July 4, 2014

Here's A Couple Of Little Items That I Picked Up While On The Road Over Our Vacation. I Didn't Bump Into Many Large Items And It's Just As Well Given What Little Spare Room We Had. Status: Half Already Tagged & @ The Shag!


Can you guess what these two items are? Well, of course you can guess that one is part clock. That part's easy. But what else is it? And what's in the leather pouch? through to find out!


Ah Ha! A desk lamp. Hmm...somehow I thought it would be...more. The top half of this thing

is awfully big to house just a lamp. But, the lamp does work, has two brightnesses (is that a

real word), and shuts off when closed or just clicked off. Sadly, no radio. When I first

plugged it in the clock wouldn't set, but after leaving it plugged in for a while it now seems

to be working. Weird. We found this little gem at The Mile High Marketplace flea market in

Denver Co. The place is HUGE but about 80% new import junk.


We stopped at The Corn Palace in Mitchel South Dakota and while it was less amazing than

I had hoped we did get to check out a really good antique mall just down the street. I

spotted this Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera and let it marinate for a while before giving in and

picking it up. I LOVE these old fold Transformer style cameras! And to find one with a

buttery soft leather case...shut up! This got tagged up and dropped off at The Green Shag

Market this afternoon. Man, that place changes a LOT! Haven't been there lately? Lots of

new vintage mod / retro dealers there!

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