Monday, July 14, 2014

Ugh, Posting Has Been A Little Spotty Lately...I Know. Work Schedule Has Been All Over The Place And I Wrenched My Back Last Weekend. But Anyway, I Picked Up This Neat Witco Caravel Ship That I Think Might Be The Niña. Status: More Witco.


I spotted this lot of Witco whatnot languishing away in a couple of boxes at a flea market while on our road trip vacation.  It took a few minutes to even figure out what the puzzle made...and another bit of negotiation to get it for a reasonable price.


I found this pile of carved wood In Denver Colorado at the Mile High Market.  The flea isn't the best

flea we've ever been to but it was big...and well organized.  They had lots of permanent buildings,

food vendors, a "farmers" market (right off the produce most) as well as antique dealers

and about 1/6 of the set up for "Garage Sale" items.  Can you guess where we spent most of our time?


I'm not really sure if the vendor I bought this off of was an antique dealer (he was in a permanent

building) or one of the garage sale dealers (his building was jam packed to the gills with random

stuff).  He had it in three different boxes and the "hull" wasn't immediately apparent.  It was obvious

that it was a Witco piece, but not until the vendor pulled out the hull did I...well, the Girlfriend

...figure out that it was a Galeon or Caravel.


Behind the ship above you can see the wall mount it is supposed to sit on.  It's also missing it's

bowsprit or perhaps a figure head.  I'm not sure what's supposed to be on the front of this as I've not

been able to find another like it on the web with a quick search.  Also, not sure that the "puck" in the

middle is supposed to be there either.  Too bad there's not a Witco ID blog out there, right!?


  1. Is the "puck" a crow's nest--turn it over and place it above the mainsail?

    1. Hi Anony.

      Ha! That's got to be it! Thanks, I'll try it out and see how it looks.

  2. hi mr. m! are you going to sell this? if so, i would be interested... i'm into my tiki these days, you know! xoxo pam

    1. Hi Pam.

      It's yours for the price of shipping. I mostly just wanted to save it from terrible obscurity! Send me an e-mail and we'll work out the particulars.