Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Yeah Yeah Yeah...More Barware...Get Used To It Buddy! Status: I Swear I'm Not A Lush.


After arriving late to that estate sale Saturday (thanks again Nick) up near my house we found most of the large items gone but there were lots of cool smalls everywhere.  It was kinda overwhelming. There was a lot to look through.  It was a privately (likely family) run and run well but there was just too much stuff to go through and organize.

This was probably the best sale of the weekend and maybe in the last couple weeks.  I think that

Nick took home some of the best stuff and he'll likely be showing off all his great scores soon.  I

wasn't in the mood to get up and out early for ANY sales but I maybe should have hit this one

earlier.  It looked like it was a good one.  Like I said in an earlier post, I did end up buying a number

of smalls.  Some really cool smalls too.


I had gone all through the house, basement and garage and was back at the front door with the few

items I had culled when I noticed the barware displayed RIGHT NEXT TO THE FRONT DOOR...

Where I Had Come In.  I had totally missed it upon entering the house.  Sad...I'm loosing my touch.

  Anyway, it was all amazing and I scooped it ALL up.  This is only part of it.


This is a great little mod cordial set doncha think?  The mixing pitcher was kinda cruddy with what

seemed like hard water stains.  I scrubbed most of it off but with the flash photography (sorry...I hate

it too) it really shows all the finish flaws.  In the dark of the candle lit bar at one of our (too few and

far between) parties it won't be noticeable.  I'm going to give it another once over anyway.  This is

going to be great for mixing up some tasty adult beverages.



  1. Love this set! Can't go wrong with black and gold!

  2. Unfortunately, I decided to walk away with just the wall unit, a sputnik lamp, and a cheapo starburst clock last Saturday. Can't be too spendy right now with those upcoming roof repairs.

    I'm not usually a barware/dish kind of guy, but I really like the set. I guess it looks a bit more masculine than your typical mid-century design.

  3. Well, I say I'm not into barware/dishware, but I think the real reason is that I'd end up with a million unmatched sets if I actually started buying it. I avoid it out of necessity. Have you seen the Nymolle Hoyrup charger plate that's been floating around on CL for a while? Its priced too high, but man Its cool.

  4. Nice Nice...you can never have enough barware or at least I think so. Never seen a set with a black matte background like that. I like!