Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Spotted A Rather Poorly Worded Ad On Craigslist About An Estate Sale Sunday. Tried To Find It Since It Was Supposed To Be Close By. Status: Fail / Win!


I copy and pasted the address (but added "St. Louis Mo.") provided in the ad to Google search. It came up with a map showing a place nowhere near where the ad said it should be. I tried again without the "St. Louis Mo." and it came up with a map a little closer to what would make sense. And with that, we were out the door on a little mini adventure!


We drove to what I thought was the address but the address didn't seem to exist. It would have

been a giant blighted empty mall in north county. But wait...the ad seemed like it wasn't really an

estate sale but a business selling estate sale furniture clean outs. And there was a moving van

next to one of the entrances to that blighted empty mall. Hmmmm...maybe, we thought. So we

drove over to take a closer look. Turns out it was a hotel furniture liquidation company. The doors

were open and the friendly folks let us look around. We found this great stylish and virtually

indestructible dining table inside. Score!


It's a great style don't ya think? It's in the style of a Drylund Sckovby Scandinavian dining table

but in golden oak (I suspect) instead of teak. It's used and has some scratches and a few minor

water rings but it cleaned up nice. This is the kind of danish modern furniture you need if you've

got kids!


Ya just never know where your gonna find cool stuff! We never did find that alleged sale. Didn't

really need to it turned out. I bought a second table from that company but you'll have to wait

until tomorrow to see that.


  1. oh my...how do u track such things...look at each ad in detail ?? :)..should really appreciate your patience and eye:)

  2. You Sir have found a gem in that old mall, Central States Liquidation. They recently relocated from North Broadway. Awesome place, you'll never know what you are going to find there.

    Speaking of Jamestown Mall, did you happen to get a glimpse of the awesome modern sculpture through the giant glass doors of the now closed section of the mall? It was nice to see its still there.