Sunday, September 11, 2011

Part Of Why I Wanted To Start A Blog Was To Showcase The Great Items That I DIDN'T Buy At The Thrift Store. But I'm Likin' This "Thrifts Of TERROR" Too! Status: So Here Ya Go!


Awe...look at that pretty flower carafe and ain't that little bird house precious and what about tha...An ARM An ARM!!! There's A HUMAN ARM!!!

OK, yes...Halloween is fast approaching so I guess this IS to be expected, but this is gruesome

enough that some other customer had placed it behind the other items you see in the picture facing

the wall of the display so that an innocent passerby wouldn't accidentally lay eyes upon it! You have

to understand that here in the St. Louis area we have many burgeoning immigrant populations who

might not know or understand what Halloween even is. I saw the packaging and thought, "why is

there a meat tray wrapped in cellophane there?" Once I realized what it was I just had to get a shot

of it in it's totally incongruous setting...then of course leave it there!


Somewhat less obnoxious is this nice little end table cabinet that I found at the Salvation Army on

Forest Park Parkway near Downtown. It's pretty nice and very solid. I think it'd even make a nice TV

stand. It kinda reminds me of a Lane line that I don't know the name of. Before I opened the doors I

thought they were tambour style sliding doors. They had me so fooled. $25 is not too shabby a

price for this nice little cabinet, don't ya think? If I had room or need of such a piece....


Also available at the SalvArm Forest Park was this nice R-way china cabinet. It's a little scratched up

and ready to either be refinished or painted. I myself feel like it would be better to refinish the wood

but it's not like it's some priceless piece or even rare. R-way made lots of these I'm sure. $34 is

cheap enough to make a "Practice" piece out of it! Learn to paint or restore on something you can



At $60 this is kinda pricey for a thrifted piece but it was in really nice condition and very solid. It's

also at the SalvArm on Forest Park. This looked to me like you could clean it up with some Murphy

Oil Soap and give it a quick rub with some Feed-N-Wax and use it tomorrow. No real work need on

this. I hope these all find loving homes as I hate to think of what becomes of them if they don't! They

may end up looking like that Arm pictured above!


  1. That last piece has a very familiar branding! "United Furniture Corporation, Lexington North Carolina"...The dresser and nightstand I've been meaning to send you photos of is made by the same company. Very heavy construction!

  2. We also happened to come across a United Furniture Corp. bedroom set at the Forest Park Salv Army. I'm trying to identify the line, but can't seem to find any info. Irregardless, it's a great looking piece.

  3. Wow, great pieces. I sound like a broken record but I can't get over how much mid century is laying around in your thrift stores. Ok, there I said it for the millionth time, now I won't say it again, well, I probably will. I like the china cabinet by RWAY and at $33.99 how can you not get it? True, nothing special about RWAY but it's a nice, simple piece.

  4. Ok, I agree. The arm is a bit much...

    Don't they have a Halloween section to stuff it in? I think the folks looking for that sort of thing would find it quicker. Of course I'm thinking it would be fun to stick in the meat drawer...

  5. Take off the glass doors (wrap them & carefully store away) AND 'voila', a beautiful Danish bookcase & storage for your office! We re-purposed one for ours & it's working out great.

  6. I think the Lane line you're thinking of is "First Edition". I have a bedroom suite and a few dining room pieces that came with my house when I bought it. I have the original little booklet that shows all the pieces available but can't find much else about it online.

  7. That Halloween arm sure is weird. Thanks for joining up with our Thrifts of Terror/WTF-it promises to be fun!

    I like the RWay furniture myself. I have a mahogany bedroom set from them which I think is 30's/40's. The finishing on my set is beat to crap but the bones are still super sturdy.