Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Breaking News...This Just In...Picked Up A Pair Of Danish Style Armchairs Tonight After Work! Status: Score.


I spotted an ad on Craigslist last night about this time for a bunch of random chairs. I noticed what looked like a pair of Danish Style Armchairs in the back corner of the thumbnail so I moused over it to enlarge and yup, a matched pair of lounge chairs. Upon clicking through to the ad I found that they were priced ridiculously cheap so I shot an e-mail off with a slightly better offer hoping to be able to grab them up before work.

No dice. I included my phone number in my e-mail and asked that they call me about 9am. I offered

them a little more than asking if they could accommodate my not so normal work schedule but I

didn't get a call this morning so I figured that someone else had gotten them.


Then about 5:30pm this evening, while I was at work, I got the call. Turns out, not everybody checks

their e-mail like 5,000 times a day like I do! Actually, for about two years now I've had a phone that

tells me when I've got a new e-mail. It's pretty convenient. I highly recommend the technology,

especially if you buy or sell regularly on craigslist. The sellers were happy to sell me the chairs and

so unnecessarily apologetic about not getting back to me this morning. I didn't really care about

WHEN I got the chairs...I just wanted to get them!


So we made arrangements for me to drive out to west county (I live in north county and work

downtown) after I got off work at 10pm. It was about a 25 minute drive but another 25 minute drive

home from there so not terribly convenient but ridiculously out of my way. Not like the Pearsall

coffee table that I got from a lady in far south county
that took me in the entirely wrong direction

after work last year! So I got home about a half hour later than normal (ended up talking with the

sellers for about 10 minutes about New Orleans!).


I think it was worth going out of my way for them. They need some love, but then so did the

Baugh...oh wait, I said I wasn't going to mention that chair again for a while. Let's just say that I think

they'll look beautiful with a little rub down. I think the velvety brown upholstery may just need a little

cleaning to be good as new but the fagas straps (the rubber straps that provide the suspension for

the seat) are toast. You can, buy the way, buy brand new fagas straps on-line. I don't plan on

spending a lot of dough on the straps though as I don't think I'll be keeping these. I'll replace the

straps as needed with the supplies I've been snatching up at estate sales. Boy what I wouldn't give

to find a big lot of rubber strapping in one of the basements. That would be great.


This one (above and below) is in better shape that the other. These have both been around. There

aren't any maker marks or stamps that I can find on either. I do like the style though. The nicely

sculpted arms and the dowel rod backs are right up my alley as are the finely tapered legs. I'm

guessing they must have had paper tags that got torn off or fell off at some point because these are

too nice to not want to be associated with!


Quite a stylish pair of seats, don't you think? I'm pretty sure I'll have these babies available on my

craigslist ads pretty soon. I've got some other projects in process so I'll have to get those done first

and of course I'll probably post all about cleaning these up as that happens too so you'll know when

they will become available. If, of course, you just HAVE to have them "as is"...make me an offer!


  1. Great find! I've been looking for a pair just like that.

  2. I have a pair of chairs almost identical to those-they're fantastic. Mine once belonged to my great-grandparents. Then then sat in my grandparents house until grandma decided to redecorate and they became mine. I love them! I had to put new cushions on them--grandma threw out the old ones--and now want to redo the ones I made. Your brown cushions look great. Here's a picture of mine:

  3. Yes... nice score...! ~ Van

  4. Congrats on a great find! Just when you think Craigslist has dried up, something good comes along.

  5. Great pair! I just picked up the new cushions for my Selig Z pair today. I can definitely attest that new rubber strapping is very expensive. Cost me a little over $100 to outfit my pair.

  6. Sudha - Thanks, I think you meant to have a "!" at the end instead of a "~". I wish there was a way to edit our own comments!

    Nick - Still having trouble e-mailing you. I can get your e-mails but you can't seem to get mine! Let me know if you'd like these and send me a # so I can either text or call you back.

    Kristi - Here's a clickable link for everybody to check out your sweet heirloom lounge chairs! You are right, those are strikingly similar to my set!

    Van - Hi Van! Nice to hear from you again. I thought you had sold the Kipp Stewart stuff as it seemed to disappear from your eBay page shortly. I see it's back up though. What happened? Hey everybody, check out the link on the right to see Van's eBay page - Vintage Decor Addict. There is a super cool set of scoop lounge chairs with amazing "hairpin" legs that I so lust for.

    Dana - These are the best scores. The ones where there is no mention of "Danish" or "Retro" or any of the other key words. It's what keeps me "trolling" every day. It's how to get the absolute bottom dollar deals. These are few and far between but they never seem to dry up!

    VH - Oh SURE, throw your Z Chair(s) score in my face (and everyone else's!). Those well deserve brand new appropriate strapping and cushions.

  7. Mr Mod -

    Sent you an email with my contact info. If it doesn't come through, just let me know. I use that email for all kinds of things, so it makes me wonder what other emails I'm missing. Yikes!

    Also, when you get some time, check out my blog:

    Got a plug for you in the latest post.

  8. Mr. Mod,

    Hey what's that black flooring material in these photos?


    Edwin Wade