Friday, September 2, 2011

Weight Weight...You Gotta Check Out This Awesome Scale! Get It..."Weight" Status: Lame.


Ain't it just so dang pretty?! I wish the vinyl was in better condition. I hate think I'll have to replace it. I don't think I'll ever find any that cool. But it is a little worse for wear.


Look, I ain't's the shoe laces. THEY are fat. Good looking sneaks, huh. Just got those babies.

Suede Pumas. Anyway, check out the amazing pink Counselor bathroom scale. Chrome and pink.

Like a '60 Pink Cadillac!


I got this beauty a looong time ago at an estate sale for just a couple 12 bucks as I recall. I only use

it once in a great while. The Girlfriend was not happy when I put it in the bathroom. She

thought she would start obsessing about her weight. "Girls" ::shakes head::


Oh yeah, the other really cool thing about this scale is that it stands up on it base! It gets up out

of the way and stores easily stores against a wall. Genius! It amazes me all the ingenuity that has

fallen by the wayside over the years. Why aren't all scales built with this little addition?



  1. Beautiful! And tell your girlfriend to just ignore that scale like I do mine. Just because it's there doesn't mean that it needs us to get on it. :)

  2. That is SO AWESOME! I have a pink garbage can with those atomic stars all the way around it that would match perfectly!