Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tools Of The Trade. Well...Not Really But It Is A Neat Paper Towel Dispenser! Status: '50s Kitsch


I've had this for a long time.  I need to clean it up a little more but it's in excellent condition.  I'd love to reproduce the original script detailing each compartment some day.  Not sure how to do that though.

I think I got this at a flea market since it had a big orange price sticker on it. It was only $7. It's kinda

weird that it doesn't have a makers stamp or any kind of ID on it. It must have had a sticker on it

when new. I'm such a sucker for the pink anodized aluminum kitchenware from the '50s and '60s.


I know this belongs in the kitchen but I'm thinking about setting up a sort of "workshop" area in the

garage where I can clean up items and do all the mechanical work I now do in the living room or

wherever. I'd love to have all my tools and supplies in one spot where I always knew where they are!

Seems like I'm always looking for a measuring tape!


Although...I do have a place I could put it in the kitchen. The trouble with that is it won't get as much

actual use there! I don't do a lot in the kitchen. Oh, I like to grill out (I am a guy after all) and I'll put

together some tomato salad or some guacamole but I don't do much cooking in the kitchen. It'd be

something of a waste in there.


This must have been such a great help for the mid century housewife! All your wrapping and

cleanup sheets in one place and easy to refill. The serrated edge helps produce clean tears for

un-perforated sheets like foil or wax paper. It's made of aluminum so it'll resist corrosion for ever

and should be around for many more generations to use. Everybody should have one!


  1. I live with THREE men and can never find anything. I need one of those!

    Love it. I have the matching breadbox.