Monday, September 5, 2011

Nope. Didn't Finish That Table From Yesterday. Lazy. Here's Some Pics From The Goodwill Yesterday Instead. Status: Lazy.


Yeah, I didn't get much of anything done today. We went to the Girlfriend's mom's for dinner and then to the Skyview Drive-In to watch a couple of summer hit re-runs: Cars 2 and Kung Fu Panda 2. So much fun and such good movies.

So I kinda dropped the ball today and didn't take any pics for the blog but I took some with my

phone yesterday at the Goodwill (on North Lindbergh) because they had some really good stuff on

the floor. As a matter of fact, there were about a half dozen cool looking club chairs that were on

their way out the door as we were coming in. I wish I had gotten a pic of them. They looked like Milo

Baughman designs but since they were already purchased I didn't inspect them. Here are some pics

of some of the other choice items. Sorry for the short's Labor Day. I'm taking the day off!


Pair of Drexel dressers. The big long one was headed out the door just after I shot this pic. The tall

one is missing a handle.


I know the Girlfriend likes shakers but I couldn't get her to buy this. I can't figure out why? A shaker

is a shaker...right?


A lone Broyhill Saga china top. Stick some short hairpin legs or some short wood taper legs on it

and use it as a curio cabinet. Didn't see a price tag so it may have already been spoken for.

Broyhill ChairsIMG_20110903_152609

At $4 each, it was hard to leave these behind but I've got too much stuff already. Nice Broyhill

chairs. Some were a little wobbly but nothing a little glue couldn't fix. Oh they needed some new

covers too. So that's it. That's all I got for ya this Labor Day. I hope you all are having a nice 3 day

holiday! I am.


  1. i m in love with the curio cabinet :) and the long dresser is to die for