Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Simple, Elegant, Vintage, Beautiful. The First Four Word That Come To My Mind When Describing This Heywood Wakefield M-304-G Step End Table. Status: Looking For A Match...STILL!!!


I found this Hey / Wake end table a few years ago at the St. Charles Antique Mall for stupid cheap. I love it to death and have been trying to find it's mate (I'm a freak and have to have two) ever since.

I guess I don't really need a match. I could easily use this...alone! There! I Said It! I Said It! Ahhhh...

I feel better...and a little sick. I know...I'm weird. I have "sets" issues.


Notice the "pair" of pictures. See. Anyway, from any angle this little end table is a beauty. A real '50s

Blonde Bombshell! Heywood Wakefield's roots stretch way back to the 1800s but it wasn't until the

very early 1930s that we started to see the Modern Designs so coveted today.


The 304-G was only made a few years between 1947 and 1949. I guess there can't be a ton of

them out there. Back when I first got it I found another on Craigslist for $125 but I missed it...I

Missed It At $125. Somebody snatched it up super quick at that price. Wow! I did stumbled across

another but it wasn't in good enough condition to match my own so I left it behind.


Shapely, no? The legs have a slight cabriole bend to them. Kinda sexy! And check out the gentle

sculpting of the table tops. This was mass produced furniture yet has some of the elements of hand

crafting. Back then, it would seem, the builder took as much pride in the construction as the

company and vice versa. The elegance that is being suggested by the cabriole legs isn't strong

enough, in my opinion, to overpower the Vintage Modern design keeping this out of the realm of

Queen Anne style, though it is obviously an influence.


In my Heywood Wakefield Modern Furniture identification and value guide this table is identified as

an M 304 G while there is only a 304 on the bottom of my table. According to the guide the letter

"M" reveals this to be Post WWII as previous prefixes would have all been a "C". The "M" ostensibly

means "modern". The "G" simply means "table". The 304 is the style.


  1. i have always admired hw sets..BR or LR.my dream is to own a "pair" of nightstands or side tables at least..lol..i have a fixation with buying sets too :)

  2. I finally managed to identify those tables I emailed you about earlier as Heywood Wakefield C 3753-G's. Looks like the listing is still up, and there's TWO of them!

  3. Mr. Modtomic - we recently made a RetroRoadmap visit to Strictly Hey Wake in MD and Chris Parody I'm sure would be able to tell you something about your table - he's got an entire warehouse chockablock full of fabulous blond Heywood Wakefield furniture (I just mistyped that as Heywood Wakefiend - guess that's someone who really likes HW Furn! ;-)) Anyhoo - here's the web address & Tell Chris RetroRoadmap.com sent you! http://strictlyheywake.com/

  4. Sudha - I actually have a very nice bedroom Hey/Wake bedroom suite in my other house that I've just never gotten around to picturing. It's a bed, pair of nightstands, tall dresser and vanity w/pouff seat. I forget the name of the line but the handles are (were actually, have been replaced) all Xs.

    Nick - Thanks for the heads up on those. $200 is a pretty good price for those if I were to keep them but alas, that is not my favorite design.

    Mod Betty - I spotted your link on the Strictly HeyWake site earlier today but thought it must have been there for a while. Looks like a cool joint!

  5. Are you still looking for your match end table? I have two in original champagne finish, and in very good condition that I may want to sell. I am in Chicago.


  6. I have a set with glass asking $500.00 excellent condition. 734 516 2052 ask for Dave