Saturday, September 17, 2011

...And Now For Something Completely Different. Barkcloth - It Ain't Just For Drapery Anymore! Status: Sartorialy Inclined?


I've resisted as long as I can but I've got lots of vintage clothing. It's gonna make it's way here from time to time. I was gonna model this for ya but for realz...that's not something that anybody should have to see on the internet. At the beach? Watch out! I'll be struttin' and posing proud! Yeah, I'm kind-of-a-freak.


I found this wonderful matched set down at the Value Village thrift store a while back. I've found

some really great vintage clothing there. Actually, that's what got me into thrifting hard core to begin

with. It kinda started with '70s rock-n-roll stuff to go out seeing bands in but then morphed into

western wear and then the search for true vintage and vintage Levi's.


The lapels read 1970s but there is a tag in the swim trunks that has "1960" at the top of it. What do
YOU think? I know it's kinda weird to be all "clothesy" for a guy and about guy clothes. Any dudes

(or moms that shopped for dudes!) out there that remember shopping at Penny's in the '60s or '70s

that recognize this style or tag?


Unfortunately the trunks are WAY to big for me. I could have them fixed I guess. I hesitate to mess

with them though since they are vintage. I can wear the shirt and it would be cool (in my mind

anyway) to be able to wear the matched set...especially when in a place like Myrtle beach which is

kinda stuck in the past itself. Maybe have a game of beach blanket bingo!


Not just made in America but made in California! Does it get much more legit than that? There's that

tag I was speaking of. See? "1960" Think that is a date or just a coincidence? How about the neato

print on the barkcloth? Snazy no?


  1. There's nothing wrong with vintage love seeping into all aspects of your life. I for one am a lot less knowledgeable in this area - but I want to LEARN!My husband is restoring a classic '67 chevy truck, and I told him we ought to dress in the era (both of us) when he gets it done and starts to take it to car shows. So people will see the truck in it's restored glory and we will be dressed in the right garb also! I like your barkcloth outfit by the way. Does the girl friend also get into the retro clothes?

  2. Very snazzy! 1960 could be a style number, but it seems confusing to have one that is also a date. It looks late 60's early 70's to me. Very Mr. Brady goes to Hawaii. I do know that Towncraft is one of JC Penney's in house labels.
    I recently discovered a site called the Vintage Fashion Guild that has a label database, it might be worth a look.

  3. Hard to believe clothes used to be made here in the good ol' US of A. Those days seem gone forever...