Friday, January 30, 2015

Emotional Furniture Diaries: Today The Powers That Be Have Seen Fit To Extradite Me From My Current Servitude To What Appears To Be A Holding Cell. My Hopes For Eventual Freedom Wane. Status: Available.


As I sit quietly observing from the corner of the living room, I watch as a myriad of others had seemingly talked their way into freedom from the prison that are the four dull pastey white walls of the last...I lose count...has it been Fourty or Fifty years?

Then at last, amazingly through no action of my own or prior warning, my time had come. The

authorities must have found the modicum of mercy needed to sign my release papers and the guard

removed my person to a much smaller yet mobile chamber. A feeling of liberation washed over my

sturdy wooden construction as the fresh air exised decades of dust. The feeling was not to last as the

small but mobile domicile came to a stop and once again I was ushred into yet another larger cell. My

heart sank.


I found myself surrounded by others in what surely amounts to a sacrificial lottery.  What will

become of us?  No one speaks and the silence is as palpable as the tension.  Occasionally the

authorities will roam among us, their purpose or plans unknown.  Is this the purgatory?  Is this the

end?  My only comfort is that I am unable to shame myself in what might be an appropriate display

of groveling at the feet of the authorities to just please....let the nightmare end.


Now doesn't that just break your little heart?  Doesn't this lovely Lane side / lamp table deserve to be

in your loving home?  How can you resist that...uh...Formica top?  You know if it had eyes they'd be

all sad and stuff.  Adopt a piece of fine vintage modern furniture today...and make the world a better

place...if only for this little guy and his fading hope.

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