Sunday, February 1, 2015

What Else Is New In Booth 307 - Creve Coeur Antique Mall? Well, How About A Nice Matched Set Of Lane Perception Living Room Tables, Including A Long Low Coffee Table With Drawer?! Status: Available.


Finding any Warren Church / Perception pieces in the wild is tough enough, finding a great matching set of living room tables...well, let me just say it like this: I've never even found a coffee table like this until this score, much less a full on matched set!


I find it so strange that Lane Acclaim pieces seem to be about a dime a dozen here in the Midwest,

yet the Warren C. Church / Lane Perception line is so hard to find.  Is it like this in other parts of the

country or is this just a "fly-over" thing?  Of course, this only really applies to the living room pieces

since I've yet to score an Acclaim dining table and have only ever had one desk. 


This set is just another example of all the great new items that have made their way to the booth at

The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  December was kind of a lean month for both venues but January

picked right back up and a lot of pieces found new homes.  I've been scrambling to keep the floor at

both Creve Coeur and The Green Shag Market near downtown filled.  It's a tough gig but a Mr. has to

keep a hustlin' to provide youz all with a most excellent selection of vintage modern goodness for your

joint.  It's a service I'm more than happy to provide!


  1. *EDIT*


    I remember seeing those on CL recently. Some gal in St. Charles/ Peters had them for $### for all. I guess that was a decent price?"

    Hi Anonymous.

    Please do not comment on what I paid for an item. I don't know if you are attempting to be rude, but because of the nature of text it can be taken as so. I will simply delete any further comments as such.

    The asking was a good price since it's pretty rare to find a matching set and everybody loves the long low coffee table. Basically, if you saw it on craigslist...then you see it can be assured that it was listed at a good price. I rarely offer less than asking.

  2. I found this exact same set tucked away in the back of a West Virginia Salvation Army store. I have no idea how much its worth, or what to do with it. Would appreciate the advice of a pro. Love the site. Thanks. :-)