Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whew...Feast Or Famine! Not Much New Has Been Passing Through The Gate Of Modtomic Central...But Then, I've Been Slackin' Hard. It's Been Cold! But I Got Lucky Sunday Night And Snagged This Great Adrian Pearsall End Table. Status: (Not) Available.


Other than not having much to talk about here on the blog, I'm not too bummed with the recent dry spell I've been having.  I've GOT to start moving some of the accumulation that has been building up around here, and when I don't have MORE coming in...well, it just makes it easier to concentrate on the stock on hand.  That said, I certainly ain't ignoring the "traps"!


Late Sunday night this little gem of a walnut and glass end table showed up on craigslist and yours

truly was the lucky dog what got to bring it home.  It was tough convincing the seller (who listed it at

8:30pm mind you) to venture out and meet me in the cold dark of night.  I let them know that I could

only meet them on the weekend since I work so late week days and thankfully they relented.  They

hadn't even cleaned it up yet and when I got a hold of it, and I was convinced that there was a chip in the

glass.  When I got home though and cleaned it up, what I thought was a chip disappeared!  The glass

top is fine, less a few scratches that are the norm for pieces of this vintage.


You might remember, if you you've been a long time reader, that I've got the matching (and

exceedingly hard to find) coffee table
.  I love the coffee table and it's one of the longest standing

pieces here at The Modtomic Ranch.  But now I have a problem.  I've got the matching end table, but

nowhere to use it!  I've already got a bangin' end table with a built in lamp and magazine rack at the

end of the sofa, so that ain't going nowhere.  I'd hate to offer up this lone end table and would much

rather keep them together, but what would I do for a coffee table myself then?  I HAVE to have a

glass top coffee table because, well...water rings and stuff.  We'll see.


  1. Well, MMT, if its been slow and you’ve got cabin fever from being inside too much maybe you could think about touring your readership of all your “secret stuff” in the garage. Heck, there probably won’t be a better time.-midmichigan

    1. Hi midmichigan.

      Ha! I (literally...no Really) can't even get in there right now.

  2. This is such a difficult time of year for picking and for selling. People get slammed with bills - taxes and it is lousy weather so they can't or won't buy. Plus a ton of people head for warmer climes and because they aren't around they don't buy and they don't sell or get rid of things. I've been bummed for two months now and have to give myself daily doses of get over it talks. hang in there.

    1. Hi Teresa J.

      I feel ya! I'm finding so little on craigslist lately that I'm substituting car shopping for vintage shopping!

  3. <--------- Did I mention I might know someone who might be interested in both?

  4. I have the perfect MCM home for both of these. I have sent an email as well. How to find out more and see in person?

  5. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Deleted your comment because you used my name. Comments will have to be moderated because are rude. Good job!

    2. "Now for the true story; The ad did not come out around 8:30 p.m. as Mr. M states in the blog, the ad actually came out around 7:30 p.m. I replied to the ad at 8:03 pm. The seller contacted me back and I replied that I would like to pick it up that night. She wanted me to wait until the following day after 3:30 pm. Around 8:30 p.m. I received an email from the seller stating the item had been sold. Mr. M, true to form, screwed the pooch for me on this deal. I had it all set up to buy, but he came along after the fact and apparently offered a higher price than the asking price of $20. The seller could not meet me until the next day, but she had her agents meet Mr. M at the local QT that night. You are quite the deal breaker, I know of a couple other folks who are less than thrilled with your business etiquette, or lack thereof." - Edited by Mr. M for content.

      HI Anonymous.

      Sorry you missed out. I had no idea you had contacted the seller before me. I did indeed offer more than the asking. When the seller asked me to wait until the next day (as they did you) I begged them to let me pick it up that night. You gotta hustle harder to get good stuff when it hits craigslist! I do not mind you posting your missives here, but you will now have to be moderated...so, you might want to choose your words a little more carefully if you want to see them published. Don't Be Rude.