Friday, January 9, 2015

Yup, Went Back For The Kagan Sofa Piece And Found It Was Gone...But This Trio Of Bent Glass Nesting End Tables Was Waiting In Its Stead. Status: Clearly Cool / GONE.


After reading nothing but "Turn your butt around and go get that Kagan sofa"s from you guys, I finally did decide to do so. Alas, it was too late. The sofa was gone. But all was not lost, looky at the purdy nesting end tables I brought home in their place!


That the Kagan sofa piece was no longer available was not such a blow as I still was on the

fence about it anyway. I just couldn't get behind it 100% without being able to find at least

ONE photo of it on the web. I looked for hours and went through a bunch of keyword

combinations to no avail. But at least you guys got me out of the house and doing

SOMETHING before work. No small feat given the cold weather we are currently enjoying

here in the StL.


These I could find on line...or at least something very close to them. This Miniform Curvo

Tris set by I. Bardini
looks VERY similar. Unfortunately the site says that each table is the

same length and the set I have are not. Boo. So I guess these might not be $1300 new, but

obviously there Iis some love out there for bent glass waterfall style nesting end tables. So

tomorrow I am DEFINITELY headed to The Green Shag Market. I will be there at 1pm if

anybody wants to say "Hi", and I'll be dropping these and a few more select items off at that case you are in need! Oh, and by the way...anybody know who I. Bardini is?



  2. Hi Anonymous

    Those are similar but you'll notice that the bend between the legs and the tops are much "looser" on the set I have.