Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Mr. Modtomic Is Pretty Darn Good At A Few Things And One Of Them Is Finding A Bargain...Just About Anywhere. Example: Early Eames Fiberglass Armchair On Lounge Base Found In New Orleans. Status: Adopted


The Girlfriend, Mom-tomic and I all made our way down to Oak Street in New Orleans to have dinner at Jacques Imo's but once again (third try) found it to be closed.  At least this time it was scheduled to open in about an hour.  In the interim we took the opportunity to troll through some of the nearby shops and that's where this bad boy was found!


I found this early Eames fiberglass shell chair at the Rabbit Ears antique shop / small mall.  This

place is a teeny tiny multi vendor shop that has some pretty amazing vintage modern

evidenced by this chair.  You know I got it for a good price too since Mr. M is sorta like the king of

cheap.  I think the fact that there isn't any sort of markings on the bottom helped in this regard.


I had made an offer on the chair but the shop keep was unable to reach the vendor.  She took my

name and number and told me she'd be happy to call me when the vendor got back to her since they

would be closed the next couple of days.  Vic Loisel of Loisel Modern on Magazine Street had joined

Mom-tomic, the Girlfriend and me for dinner.  I was like 90% sure it was the genuine article but

when I got the thumbs up (literally, through the window of Jacques Imo's!) from Vic, well...that pretty

much put any doubts to rest.


We had gotten a table a little while before Vic was able to close up shop and join us and it wasn't until

about 20 seconds after he arrived that I got a call from the shop letting me know my offer had been

accepted by the vendor, so I had to excuse myself for a moment and collect my loot. Oh, and the

dinner at Jacques Imo's? It was absolutely amazing. I HIGHLY suggest stopping there for dinner if

you ever find yourself in New Orleans. Just get there early, it fills up fast. Then you'll be right there

by both MCM Furnishings AND Rabbit Ears!

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