Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Weekend We Found A Little Time For Some Goodwill Hunting And Mr. Modtomic Bagged Himself A Splendid Pair Of Matching Hexagon End Tables. Status: Almost Ready.


I haven't had time (actually, it's just either too cold or rainy out) to give these matching and somewhat intriguing end tables the cleaning they deserve. I may just have to do it in the booth as I did with the last set of Broyhill Sculptra that I had at Creve Coeur. It's not ideal, but it ain't gonna get done in the cold or rain!


With craigslist apparently going into hibernation for the winter, one has to either rely on

their hoarded stock - or scour the thrifts. I choose both. I don't mind taking a couple of

hours to make my rounds and "check my traps". It can become tedious when you come

home empty handed after a few days, but finding something (or a couple of somethings!)

for cheap always manages to bolster my spirits and keep me coming back for more. These

end tables were a nice surprise to find over at the St. Charles Goodwill. These are good

solid working man's end tables. The hearty Formica tops mean you can set your cold beer

(a Hamm's perhaps?) right down and walk away without a care in the world. Ain't nobody

gonna chase you down, grab your ear and drag you back describing in great detail the

enormous virtue of the easily forgotten (c'mon, we all have) coaster. Yup, this pair of

chiseled feature twins aren't just good looking...they're ready to party!


Having had a number of parties since starting my personal collection of beautiful furniture,

I've come to lament the fact that we just can't leave bare wood out for those occasions. I've

been lucky enough to find rather dapper glass top tables for our household that I can leave

in place either way, but I do long for the luxury and warmth of real wood. I even have to hide

our Florence Knoll table under a sad vinyl table cloth when we have company. At least with

Formica tops you'll never have to cover them with a piece of vinyl! And with Six sturdy

Walnut legs each I doubt any drunken party goers will be able to destroy one of these.

Shoot, they could probably do a little Go-Go dance on one! What? That doesn't happen at

your parties?

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