Monday, December 8, 2014

Yesssss... I FINALLY Found An Appropriate Top For The Florence Knoll Table / Desk Base That Has Been MOCKING Me For Months! The Top? A Maybe Two Hundred Pound Slab Of Beautiful Polished Granite. Beautiful, No?! Status: Available.


Damn, looking at this combo again now, hours later, I'm kinda wondering if maybe I should be keeping this!  I've already got a Florence Knoll dining table and I think this would fit nicely in the kitchen as my computer desk.  Hmmm.


Ok, so I've had the Florence Knoll table or desk base for what seems like ages now.  I've been trolling

craigslist looking for a top of some sort that fits it ever since.  You may remember the teak and tile

table that I thought might work.  I took my readers wise advice and 86ed that idea...but it was hard to

do so.  I knew I'd never find a genuine Knoll top sans base...and waiting for anything else to turn up

that seem proper and was of an appropriate size was taking for ever!  Then, just a few days ago, three

pieces of lovely granite, with finished edges all the way around, turned up on craigslist.  Sold.


Of course I bought all three.  I've got a Herman Miller base wanting for a top as well, and who knows

what I will need the third for...but I'm sure I'll find a use.  Like I always say, gotta strike while the

iron is hot.  Speaking of, even as I was in the midst of taking this gorgeous table down to The Green

Shag I was making plans to pick up a striking pair of leather and stainless steel lounge chairs.  You

may recall another pair of these that I featured earlier this year and currently have available in my

booth at The Antique Mall Of Creve Coeur.  They were available and I had the room, how could I

resist?!  Oh, and did I forget to was The Green Shag Market's open house / holiday

party.  Good food and great company...and I almost missed it!  Did you?


  1. Is your table still available? Funny thing is that I only need the base :)

  2. Is your table still available? Funny thing is that I only need the base :)

    1. Hi SB

      The table is still available at The Green Shag Market. Drop by and give it a look. How did you come to need only a base?