Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Apparently There Was A Pair Of Overman Highback Swivel Armchairs Available At The St. Vincent Thrift, But The Other Had Already Been Snatched Up. I Was A Little Disappointed Until I Found Out This One Was Half Off! Status: Needs Some Feet / GONE.


This Overman lounge chair was just a lucky find.  I had already picked up a large dining table and five dining chairs and did not anticipate having to find more room in the back of Frank for this!  Did I mention that the furniture was half off this particular day?


Hey, remember the foyer?  Yeah, we don't either!  It's been a LOOOONG time since I've been able to

shoot anything in here.  The living room got a little...mmmm...out of control, a while back and I haven't been

able to shoot from this angle.  Well, we had our annual Nightmare Before Christmas party and I had

to clear it all out.  That was the real "nightmare"!  But now I'm able to shoot indoors again, and just

in time given that it was about 30 degrees out this morning.


The Overman is in remarkably great shape, but sadly it is missing three of its five feet.  Not a

problem so much if you place it on carpet...but if it's going to be placed on hardwood, needs

them feets.  Where the heck does one get feet to fit this base?  Dunno.  I'm so loving the oatmeal

upholstery and if any of my other Overman bases would fit I'd totally swap them out.  So it looks like

this will likely be offered up as is and probably at the Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  Anybody got an

idea as to what to do about the missing feets?


  1. This would be great for a 3-D printer if they would hold up.

    1. Hi JB

      Ha, at first I thought you were talking about the chair itself! C'mon, they are made out of some sort of lightweight foam. THAT could be 3D printed, right? But yeah, what little I know about 3d printers leads me to think it'd be a better idea to make a mold and reproduce the feet that way.

  2. Yep-had this exact problem on an Overman pod sofa that I got from an auction......there should be holes in the bottom of the base to receive the missing feet that are big enough to receive a little piece of wooden dowel (sorry sofa's sold long ago so not sure of the size but it's a standard size from HD or Lowes).

    Just cut a small piece off the dowel (the ends are deep enough to receive a pretty good sized chunk) and epoxy that into the hole. You can sand the surface level with the leg if you want once the epoxy's set.

    Now you have a wooden surface and you can just get a pack of feet with nail in tops and go to sofa was only missing one foot and the added one was similar enough not to be noticed.

    So no need to waste your time searching cuz I already did for you...and the original feet sure don't seem to exist :)

    And great score-as usual!!!!

  3. Just looked at the photo again and see that yours has rectangular plastic feet...hmmm....maybe mine was missing those and had additional "round" swivel feet? Above comment will work if you see a hole in the one that is missing a foot.

    If there is then pop all the plastic feet out and add the replacement feet as above.....

    1. Hi JK

      Overman used a ton of different kinds of bases with different kinds of feet. Your comments gave me some interesting ideas though. Thanks so much! But then Amy piped up (see below) I might not do much of anything.

  4. Is this available? Interested!

    1. Hi Amy

      Of course it is! Shoot me an email at mister.modtomic(at)