Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Brutalism And Fancy Fishes! Who Needs Curtis Jere Or Flights Of Birds? The Style Smacks Of William Freidel But The Piece Doesn't Appear To Be Signed. Status: Available.


When I went out to pick up the pair of Pearsall style chairs I featured last time here on Mr. Modtomic I was lucky enough to find this exceptional vintage modern wall sculpture available as well.  Of course I had to grab it up and now it's available out at Creve Coeur too.


You might remember a pair of William Freidel flower sculptures I featured here a few years back that

sported the same crispy edges you see on these Angel Fish on this large piece of wall art.  Then

there's the braised "nail" background that is very much like these brutalist candle sconces that I

picked up in Chicago a while back.  Now, I don't know what nails and Angel Fish have to do with

each other...but there ya go.  But they look pretty good together...no?


The piece has a nice dimensionality to it too.  Wouldn't this look great in a Tiki themed bar area? 

Hmmm...now I'm thinking maybe I shouldn't be so quick to let it go!  Neah, I have a Jere Birds

sculpture that I need to freshen up and get on the wall some time soon.  This is already in my booth in

Creve Coeur.  It'd be silly to pull it down and bring it home...especially when I've got too much stuff

around here already.


  1. It is fabulous! I see why you are tempted. Thanks for showing. I'm not sure of the ID on mine, bur need to research Freidel.

    I'll throw a few of your sponsors coins your way. ;)

    1. Hi Pam ~ VR

      Thanks for the click! It was worth $1.23 in case you were wondering.

  2. I have one identical to yours. Can find no signature on mine. On an episode of Frazier, Roz had a larger one on the wall of her apartment. -Kent