Sunday, December 21, 2014

The VERY Day We Were To Have Our Annual Nightmare Before I Had To Take A Couple Hours And Pick Up This Pair Of Adrian Pearsall Style Lounge Chairs. Status: GONE.


Yes, this fabulous pair of living room chairs are currently available in my booth at The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur.  It took great effort to get them there too, since I should have been cleaning the house in preparation for our yearly Halloween / Christmas party.


I had spotted the pair (as did apparently quite a few other potential buyers) Friday night while at work

and made a bid to pick them up that night after work.  Luckily for me the sellers let them go on a first

e-mail first served basis AND waited for me to pick them up Saturday.  Not only that, but I didn't

have their asking price on me while at work and so asked if they would take a bit less.  They kindly

turned me down but offered to let me pick them up the next day for full asking.  I was more than

happy to pay full asking, and that they couldn't meet that evening after work worked out well for me.


Then, Saturday, we were BUSY BUSY BUSY cleaning the house for our party when I had to drive

out and pick the splendid set up.  Then, because...well, I had NO more room here at the Modtomic

Ranch to store them, I had to take straight over to the booth / room at Creve Coeur and tag them up.

Because I was running short on time (still had lots to do before the party) I didn't have time to

photograph them then.  I finally got around to it yesterday and get them posted here today.  Phwew!

It can get a bit hectic 'round here!  If you like what ya see, take a little visit to The Antique Mall of

Creve Coeur and take the pair (or one, they are available separately) for a test sit!

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