Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Evening The Girlfriend And I Presented Our Annual Nightmare Before Christmas Party And My Good Friend Illuminate (Who We Haven't Seen In A While) Came To Hang With Us. Then Today She Texted Me Some Ridiculous Pics From A Local Goodwill. Status: Had To Share!


Yes, you are reading that tag right.  ONE THOUSAND AND FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.  Would you pay $1,500 for ANYTHING from a goodwill?  And that is for just ONE piece of a three piece set!  ::Sigh::  This is what happens when someone gets a little bit of a lot of information.

eBay Printout Comparison

Yeah, somebody at this particular Goodwill found some listings on line (Illuminate says they are from

eBay) and printed them out for comparisons.  And yeah, that's $500 for the Drexel Declaration

headboard.  Looks like they are gonna just end up storing this here on the floor a couple weeks until it

goes off to the Goodwill online auction.


So that's $1,500 for the dresser and $500 for the headboard...and unfortunately I can't see what they

are asking for the chest of drawers.  It's a shame they didn't take a look at 1stDibs!  They coulda put

even HIGHER prices on those tags.  I've heard of thrift stores in other areas trying to pull this silliness,

but this is the first time I've witnessed it around here.  This is the same Goodwill that I picked up a

nice Johnson Carper Fashion Trend dresser a couple years ago for cheap.

Wrong Knobs Missing LegsWater Rings

And just check this all out.  The chest of drawers is missing it's legs.  The dresser has BAD water

rings on the top.  ALL the handles are wrong (Ooops, Bopfish schooled me that these are in fact,

correct!).  There appears to be some missing veneer on one of the drawers on the chest.  This set is a

mess...and they think that $2,000 PLUS is an appropriate asking price?!?!  I'm guessing that someone

has been nipping on the holiday eggnog!


  1. Agreed, MMT; it’s outrageous. Illuminate needs to take some smelling salts over to that Goodwill manager but who knows, maybe Goodwill got bought out by 1stdibs or the person doing the pricing is smoking breakfast. -midmichigan

  2. Ha ha ha thanks for the Monday laugh!

  3. I wrote a big long rant, and then hit sign out instead of publish. Sigh. I'll shorten what I said before to just, these prices irritate me.

    1. Hi DD

      I can't tell ya how many times I've done exactly the same thing!

  4. Had a great time at the party!

    They were asking $1,200 for the other dresser. I laughed at the prices. If I wanted to pay eBay prices I would shop eBay, not Goodwill.

    1. Hi Illuminate

      I'm SO glad you showed up...otherwise you talk.

  5. there out of control good will in county had dexel campaign desk i believe
    asking 1500.
    with an ebay posted unsold price

    1. Hi TC

      "with an ebay posted unsold price"

      That's the problem so many new to the game sellers seem to suffer. They fail to look up what items Sold For on eBay and instead just simply look at what the Buy It Now asking prices (which are next to meaningless).

  6. The knobs are all correct; not all Declaration pieces had the white ball type knobs

    1. Hi Bopfish

      Ah HA! You are correct Sir, and thank you for chiming in. Learned a little something new today!

  7. Jeeeeeze Louise...The dollar signs light up in people's eyes when they see overpriced items online. We're forever having people contact us trying to sell a beat up piece of crapola at a 1stdibs price.