Thursday, December 11, 2014

We've Been To Chicago Many A Time, Yet This Thanksgiving Was Our First Visit To The Lincoln Antique Mall. Contained Within You'll Find All The Good Stuff I'm Sure You'll Love. Status: Awaiting Your Visit.


I've been meaning to get by here and check out this place for ages.  This past Thanksgiving the Girlfriend and I finally...well, remembered.  Good thing.  Love the place!


The space is about the same size as The Green Shag Market though more loosely organized, or

maybe the there are more multi-booth spaces without walls.  The selection of beautiful vintage

modern items was just what you'd expect in Chicago.  It's to be expected since there's so much more

hunting ground in the big city up north.


I love that there are places like this in Chicago and every once in a while I wish there were places like

this in St. Louis too, but for real...I do have to admit that I like being kind of a big fish in a small pond. 

In the Lincoln Antique Mall my booth would be lost among all the others.  At The Green Shag and

especially The Antique Mall of Creve Coeur I like to think that my wares stand out.


I was going to shoot a video of this antique mall but the light was just too low in here.  I did get to

shoot the Broadway Antique Market but I ran out of battery and had to shoot some still of the place

too.  That video will be done soon.  I love getting a chance to peruse all these different places in

Chicago when we are up there.  It gives me a chance to check out what the vendors are up to and pick

the brains of the mall and shop owners.


Alas, every time I take a tour of any of these northern antique malls I get all wound up with the

thought that I should rent a booth up here and just make a once a month trip to restock, pay rent and

pick up the check.  I know better though, it would never work.  I've just got too much going on here

at home to have the time and energy to make THAT happen!

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  1. This place is really close to my apartment. It's definitely one of my favorites here!