Thursday, February 14, 2013

I've Got Some Empty(ish) Shelves Down At The Green Shag That Are Wanting For Some Smalls. I'm Tripping Over Smalls 'Round Here! Status: Getting Tagged.


I don't really have to look too hard to find more items to populate my booth space at The Green Shag Market. I've got a spare bedroom full of smalls and lots of stuff hidden in the garage that I've got to get pulled out. Sometimes it's just a matter of deciding that it's time to let something go.


Jeez...this set of aluminum canisters have been out in the garage for about two or three years!  They were

in a thrift store bag and had reams of packing tape holding the lids on.  It took LOTS of Goof Off to get

all that tape gum off of them.  They cleaned up real pretty.


Wait a minute.  Didn't I already feature one of these here?  Well...sorta.  You can see it here in my booth

from a while back
.  It's actually still available and will soon be joined by this one.  They are both pink

anodized aluminum with a glass Pyrex serving dish suspended inside.  Maybe somebody will find a

matched pair more appealing than a single.


I've had this for a long time too.  I love the shape and construction.  It's handle is wrapped in leather

but it was covered in lacquer or shellac and that has been damaged.  I'm not sure what it is or how to

remove / repair it so I'm just going to offer it up as it sits.  I hope I don't find out later that this is a high

end designer piece after it's gone!


  1. That bottom basket looks like a bread basket. Lay a cloth napkin across the bottom and put a nice fresh loaf of french bread in there and viola, fancy bread basket!

    But, I could be wrong! Hope you find out what it is!

  2. Smalls are my curse. I have way more than I could ever display or use. They're just so fun to bring home! I love these that you have and yeah, I love how those canisters gleam!