Wednesday, February 20, 2013

As Luck Would Have It I Found Another Set Of Mirror Finish Dorothy Thorpe Style Rocks Glasses. I Didn't Drop Them At Fleur De Lis But I Shot The Pics There Cuz I Needed To Clean Up The Eames Table. Status: Mission Accomplished.


Isn't that a great shot of these glasses?  I almost wanna use that or something like it for my next new header.  So yeah, got lucky at the Goodwill and picked up this set of six flashy rocks glasses.  I'll probably be dropping them in the booth (#5) at The Green Shag Market shortly.


This set is nearly perfect.  I refer to this style as "Dorothy Thorpe Style" because I think all of hers were

rimmed in silver which doesn't really look like this, even when polished up.  But these are the style that

everybody is wanting right now because they are what you see on Mad Men.  Well, that...and they look

just smashing!


I had to take the pics of the Thorpe style rocks glasses at the shop because I needed to drop off a few

things, tag up a couple of others and finally clean up and wax the Herman Miller / Eames dining table. It

took a while but I got it done. I like working on stuff over at the shop late at night. There are absolutely

NO distractions. No TV, radio or internet. Just the project at hand. The table looks pretty good now. It's

still not perfect but it looks so much more rich now than it did before. It got the full Howard's treatment,

Mahogany Restore-A-Finish and Feed-N-Wax. We are open today (Wednesday) from 10am to 5pm if

you'd like to drop by and take a look for yourself!

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