Sunday, February 24, 2013

It's Been A Couple Weeks Since I've Had Time To Share What's What At The Green Shag Market. Status: Finally!


Not long ago bloggers everywhere were using machines such as this IBM to spread their particular "word" via 'zines!  With such a machine one could reach 10s of...well, readers.  Thank God for the 1s and 0s we publish on today.


With the great turnover at The Green Shag Market, there's always fun new items to be had.  I've been

running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to help get the new shop in St. Charles up and

running and I haven't been able to chronicle the changeover.


You might remember a few weeks ago that I took a pair of the four Peter Protzman / Herman Miller

to my booth (#5) at The Green Shag.  I took the other two over to the shop in St. Charles and

I was wondering where they might sell first.  It was at the booth.  The two there sold first, then the

buyer wanted the other pair so I had to retrieve those from the shop and take 'em to the Shag



Check out that Dorothy Thorpe drink set up top.  Each piece still has it's sticker!  If you are a serious

DT collector, this is a score.  And if Russel Wright Steubenville is your thing, there's plenty of that here

too!  I can't remember the name of the Lane line that the end table belongs to but I know it's not so

easy to find.


Like I said, there's lots of turnover here at The Shag, so if you see something specific here in these

photos you might wanna get down there pretty quick lest it be gone when you do!  If you are able to

watch, there will be a spot on Great Day St. Louis (KMOV Ch. 4) Monday at 10:30am featuring The

Green Shag and an interview with Dan. 


And of course I have to pimp my own booth. The pair of red chairs should soon be gone as the buyer

of the other pair wanted them as well. That will make more room and precipitate another visit to fill that

void. Does the fun ever end?!


  1. OI, you're killing me with all of that good stuff!!! I'm ovah heah in RI loving the coffee carafe, the first coffee table, and puh-leeze, I gotta have the 2 owl pix-embroideries! How much are you asking for those? (I know you don't ship, but but but but ...) I'll think of something!

  2. Glad to hear you're doing well at both locations! It can be a tough business no matter how much you love the period. We have been doing well for the last couple of months as well and and never take it for granted! Been really lucky to find some great pieces even though they need some TLC!

  3. Is the egg chair in the background still available? Is it true red or does it verge on an orange-red? And - best question - how much?